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  • Driving to Mom's in Florida. Should I go thru Louisiana or the Tennessee-Mississippi-Alabama-Georgia route? Reply
  • Drove almost 800 miles today (and 300 yesterday) to visit my Mom for her 89th b-day. Reply
  • Back home after a 2 day, 1100 mile drive. Enjoyed the less-traveled roads of Georgia & Alabama. Reply
  • Driving 1000 miles to Mom's in Florida for the holidays. Reply
  • Prepping some smoked neck bones to go with speckled butter beans...Southern-style   Reply
  • First day of cold weather in a long time: 48F/8C Reply
  • Mango & ginger protein shake for breakfast. Love the ginger. Reply
  • Catching up on some ARC reviews. Reply
  • Hope you enjoy the pic of Jhumpa Lahiri   Reply
  • Fermenting some cucumbers for 48 hrs...half-sours. Reply
  • Loved "The Dark Tower" movie slightly less than the Stephen King series of books. I trust there will be a sequel movie(s). Reply
  • Breakfast: mango smoothie w/ fresh ginger, flax & chia seed Reply
  • After 2000 mile drive to Florida & back, I'm changing oil in car, topping other fluids, etc. Reply
  • Yawning...stayed up too late posting books & watching "War for the Planet of the Apes" Reply
  • Made a healthy breakfast of egg, potato & onion/garlic. And fresh coffee considering I was up until 4am. Reply
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walked once in Florida...with an 85 year old woman 2018-01-01
I kept her in front of me. I didn't want any surprises. 2.4 miles at a 19+ minute pace...nowhere close to my sub-14s. 80F. Nice to wear shorts agai ...
(950) Views|(5) Comments
Driving 1000mi to Ft. Myers, Florida... 2017-12-24
Misty, irritating rain for the first 700 miles thru Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama & Georgia. Great motel room in Hotlanta: owners from Gujarati. In F ...
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Had a great week of "speed" walking... 2017-10-23
Set 2 new PRs and have consistently broken 14 min/mi pace over 2.5 mi (8:45 min/km over 4 k). Some of my splits are 13:20 so the next barrier is in ...
(780) Views|(0) Comments
64F/17C during last night's walk... 2017-10-12
I shouldn't have been wearing sorts. 4 km/9m 07s per
(772) Views|(1) Comments
XLNT [fast] walk last nite... 2017-10-10
4km, 8m 42s pace
(744) Views|(0) Comments
Half-sours should finish fermenting tonight...probiotic 2017-10-10
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Thea_ell 31-8-2018 10:15 AM
webwicked 7-11-2017 02:12 AM
Rhett Bassard : Congrats for your xlnt recommendation of Andy Weir's "The Martian". I, too, found the book much more entertaining than the movie (tho contra ... Thanks Rhett. I appreciate it. I really think the success of the movie is attributed to Matt. He really did seem the only choice for the role. But still a lot got lost so much of the humour(UK spelling) and what was running through Marks head. Gee I loved this book and I am a serial killer fanatic. but I also read Lee Child ... ...
Rhett Bassard 23-10-2017 09:54 PM
Welcome @webwicked
So nice that you're nice...suddenly brings renewed energy that maybe Blogs and Shares were worthwhile  
webwicked 23-10-2017 07:27 PM
Hey Rhett! Hope you are well. Take it it easy. Just came for a pop in. Enjoy your day!
Rhett Bassard 29-9-2017 10:03 PM
Where do I paint this wall or hang some pix?  
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