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The coronavirus is likely to stay forever

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Post time: 9-2-2021 06:59:35
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Governments and businesses are beginning to accept that the coronavirus is not a passing problem. Instead, Covid-19 is likely to lead to long-term changes that will allow society to coexist with the virus.

"The virus will stay forever," says the American doctor and sociologist NicholasChristakis (58). “We will have to live with the virus”, analyzes “Die Zeit” . And the Austrian researcher AndreasLeiherer , like other colleagues, is convinced: "Coronavirus will stay."

Gradually, governments and companies around the world seem to be realizing that Covid-19 vaccines are raising hopes that the pandemic will be brought under control. But the reality is that the lung fever is likely to stay.

Corona has already fundamentally changed people's lives. The virus can adapt to its environment, is easily transmitted, forms new strains and vaccination programs are limited. All of this means that Covid-19 is likely to exist for many years to come.

World facing long-term changes

The Wall Street Journal also assumes fundamental and long-term change caused by Corona . According to this, the novel lung fever, first described at the end of 2019, will lead to lasting changes in personal and social behavior worldwide.

"When we go through the different phases of grief, we have to come to the phase of acceptance that our lives will no longer be the same," says Thomas Frieden, former director of the US Department of Health. "I don't think the world has really internalized the fact that these are long-term changes."

The pandemic doesn't mean coronavirus restrictions will go on forever. Vaccines and new treatments can prevent serious illness and reduce the number of patients and deaths. But the experts interviewed by the newspaper say the world will be different from what we have known before.

Lots of losers, but also lots of winners

The future of travel is unclear, although the fight against pandemics is also leading to a whole new industry: authorities and the private sector are planning long-term for better prevention, such as modern mask protection, good ventilation and more effective vaccines. This creates a new and highly lucrative Covid-19 industry. Investments are made in products and services to keep the virus at bay. So that people can lead as normal a life as possible.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, hardly anyone would have dreamed of investing in better air quality in closed rooms, in filters, protective equipment or specific diagnostic kits. In the meantime, the corona industrial sector is probably the fastest growing industry worldwide.

For example, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis is investing in new Covid-19 therapies. More than 300 such products are currently in development worldwide. The virus has also led to the development of completely new branches of industry in Switzerland, just to name the production of protective masks or the brand new Lonza facilities in Valais, where the Moderna vaccine is mass-produced under license. The virus crisis has many losers, but also many winners.

"The virus is doing pretty well"

Nor do better vaccines and treatment methods mean that the extremely tough and adaptable Covid-19 will simply go away. But researchers believe that it will turn from a pandemic into an endemic disease. Other endemic diseases are the flu, measles and HIV.

Vaccinations will play an important role in this as the pandemic subsides and Covid-19 becomes endemic. So the virus is likely to stay - and continue to be dangerous? "People seem to think that when a virus becomes endemic, it is weakened and no longer as serious," says Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Georgetown University in Washington DC

That is a misunderstanding. Because normally viruses would develop in such a way that they infect as many people as possible before they kill. Especially since most people survive Covid-19, "there is not much pressure for this virus to become weaker because it is already spreading and finding new hosts and new opportunities to replicate before its hosts get sick," said the scientist. There are no signs that Corona will be weakened in any way: "The virus is doing very well."

Source: Blik (Swiss Newspaper, 02/08/21)


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Post time: 9-2-2021 13:28:11
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Very old news and still biggest corona virus is yet to come

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 Author| Post time: 10-2-2021 04:05:32
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Image pgangwani35 Image 9-2-2021 01:28 PM
Very old news and still biggest corona virus is yet to come

There are suggestions there will be more variants. Pharmaceutical industries in western countries are  also accumulating vast sources of new wealth and markets, while so many less fortunate citizens are losing livelihoods and lives.  

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Post time: 11-2-2021 12:40:44
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Image Rushcourt71 Image 10-2-2021 04:05 AM
There are suggestions there will be more variants. Pharmaceutical industries in western countries  ...

In india except nursery to 05th class and movie theatre are closed dear but everything is open

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